Provider Requirements and Service Limitations

From The May 2010 Florida Medicaid Provider Handbook

Dietitian - Requirements To Receive


Dietitian services are those services prescribed by a physician that are necessary to maintain or improve the overall physical health of a recipient. The services include assessing the nutritional status and needs of a recipient; recommending an appropriate dietary regimen, nutrition support and nutrient intake; and providing counseling and education to the recipient, family, direct service staff and food service staff. The services may also include the development and oversight of nutritional care systems that promote a recipient’s optimal health.

This service is not available to individuals enrolled on the DD Waiver – Tier Four.


A recipient shall receive no more than 12 units of these services per day. A unit is defined as a 15-minute time period or portion thereof.

Documentation Requirements:

Reimbursement* and monitoring documentation to be maintained by the provider:

  1. *Copy of claim(s) submitted for payment;
  2. *Copy of service log;
  3. *Monthly nutritional status report;
  4. *An assessment;
  5. Individual Dietary Management Plan;
  6. Daily progress notes (on days service was rendered);
  7. Annual report; and
  8. Original prescription for the service.

Documentation to be submitted to the waiver support coordinator by the provider:

  • Copy of service log, monthly;
  • Copy of assessment at time of initial claim submission and at time of reassessments;
  • Copy of individual dietary management plan at time initial claim submission and at least annually thereafter at the time of the support plan update;
  • Copy of annual report prior to the annual support plan update; and
  • Copy of original prescription for service.

*Indicates reimbursement documentation.

Place of Service:

This service may be provided in the provider’s office, in the home, or anywhere in the community.

Special Considerations:

Dietitian services require an annual physician’s order and shall be limited only to recipients who require specialized oversight of their nutritional status in order to prevent deterioration of general health that could result in an institutional placement. Recipients requiring nutritional supplements must have a dietitian’s assessment documenting such need. Nutritional supplements are available through the Medicaid DME and Medical Supplies Program state plan services, under specific circumstances. For additional information on Medicaid state plan coverage requirements, refer to the Florida Medicaid Durable Medical Equipment and Medical Supply Services Coverage and Limitations Handbook.

Note: The Florida Medicaid Durable Medical Equipment and Medical Supply Services Coverage and Limitations Handbook is available on the Medicaid fiscal agent’s Web site at
www.mymedicaid-florida.com. Select Public Information for Providers, then Provider Support, and then Provider Handbooks. The handbook is incorporated by reference in 59G-4.070. F.A.C.

Dietitian Provider Requirements

Dietitian Provider Requirements:

Providers of dietitian services shall be dietitians or nutritionists licensed in accordance with Chapter 468, part X, F.S.

Training Requirements:

The provider is responsible for all training requirements outlined in the Core Assurances.

Note: Refer to the Core Assurances in Appendix A for the provider training requirements.