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Response From Florida Senator, Ronda Storms


Dear Mr. Nangle,

Thank you for forwarding this e-mail. As a legislator, it is always helpful to hear from constituents and service providers on matters of great public importance, such as providing services for persons with developmental disabilities.

The Agency for Persons with Disabilities has undergone tremendous change since its creation in 2004. Like many of the individuals who responded to the survey, I am frustrated with the progress of the Department. It has been especially difficult for everyone in the DD community, from recipients of services, to providers, and for the Agency as well. As you know, the agency's finances have swung wildly from huge deficit spending, to huge surpluses, and now back to huge deficits. In a time of falling revenues in the state, the agencies' current state of deficit spending has caused hardship for everyone. I clearly read the frustration in the survey comments.

On the positive side, the agency has made progress in getting its spending under control. With more than 17,000 individuals on the waitlist, the state must ensure that services are limited to what is essential for each individual so that more people can be served. I hope that you will use the information from the survey to work with the agency to solve the problems ahead. We all want quality services that meet the needs of persons with developmental disabilities, and people like you are key to making that happen. Thank you for your continued good work on behalf of persons with developmental disabilities.

Most sincerely,

Ronda R. Storms

Florida State Senator

10th District