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Respite Care provides temporary supportive care and supervision when the primary caregiver is unable to perform these duties.

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Requirements and Service Limitations

apd suncoast area 23 Assisted Living of Florida Limited, Inc

The primary charitable goal of ALFL is to support individuals with developmental disabilities by providing them with a residential, family-like setting to live in and strive to achieve their individual goals for the future. ALFL does this as an alternative to the costly and often ineffective institutional settings to which these individuals are often relegated.
Call Semira Hofmann 727-504-1290

apd area 23 suncoast Ridgeland Group Home, Inc.

Ridgeland Group Home and it's staff are dedicated people striving to provide clients the opportunity for a meaningful life through various supports needed to improve there quality of life. We hope to accomplish this by exposing them to various experiences and, education that would enable them to achieve individual goals.
Call: Carol Josephs RN. (813) 810-6257

The Agency for Persons with Disabilities suncoast region area 23 Caring Friends and Companions Group Home, Inc.

Caring Friends and Companion Group Home, Inc. Our mission is 'Serving people with a purpose' while creating inclusion for the consumer while teaching new skills. Assisting families and providing exceptional services to persons with disabilities. Our purpose is that we consistently maintain the highest quality of service for the consumer. Call: Valeria Strickland 727-470-5628 or Maralyn Harriott 1-305-804-2678
Email: Caringfriends.14@gmail.com

Agency for persons with disabilities APD area 8 Naples Home Care Services of SW Florida & Paradise Group Home

We know it is so important to work side by side with your Waiver Support Coordinator and your family to make sure all of your needs are meet. We are providing residential care services to consumers with mental and developmental disabilities in a family like setting to meet the physical, mental and developmental needs.
Call Yuneisi Armario 239-298-0875
Email: napleshomecare@hotmail.com

The Agency for Persons with Disabilities, Suncoast region, area 23Absolute Care & Habilitative Services Inc

At Absolute Care & Habilitative Services our vision is to provide all services that will meet the needs of individuals with developmental disabilities. Our goal is to assist them to achieve the abilities that will allow them as much control as possible to live independently. We will provide the opportunity for choice through education of activities for daily life in the community. We will stay involved in the community, advocate for our consumers and encourage self-advocacy.
Sekinat McNeil 813-748-6036
Email: Absolutecare01@yahoo.com

Glory to Glory Support Services llc Glory to Glory Support Services llc

As a leading provider of direct support services we take pride in offering the best Level Medicaid waiver services, in Hillsborough and Polk County. We are dedicated to serving the needs of our individuals each and every day. We are dedicated to learning your family and assisting you to meet your life goals. We also provide CDC+ services.
Email: sylvia@glorytogloryfl.com
Call Sylvia Reed 813-704-1092
Visit our websiteglorytoglorysupportservice.com

agency for persons with disabilities area 23 Suncoast Region BEH Elderly Care llc

We want you to see us as your friend not just a care giver. We know it is so important to work side by side with the Waiver Support Coordinator and the family to make sure all of your needs are taken care of every day in every way.
Beatrice Hall 904-465-5471
Email: behelderlycarellc@gmail.com

APD Central Region Palm Quality Care Inc.

We strive to show the people we serve that they are strong. We work hard to let all know how important each and every day is. we care about what you think and we want you to be happy. We want you to see us as your friend not just a care giver. Call: Imatide Charles 321-290-9455
Email: Palmqualitycareinc@gmail.com

Agency for Persons with Disabilities Suncoast Region area 23 Sea Aura Eventz Sea Aura Eventz

Acquire the support and assistance you need to improve your health. Here at Sea Aura Health Services, we provide care to meet different needs throughout the bay area. Whether you need a vacation or respite for a week, you can count on Sea Aura Health Services. Feel free to contact us brows our website to learn more about Sea Aura Health Services & how we help.
Laurel O 813-397-3785
Email: info@seaauraeventz.com

Agency for Persons With Disabilities area 23 The Suncoast RegionMays Consulting Group LLC

Welcome to Mays Consulting Group The Mission of Mays Consulting Group is to empower and improve the lives of individuals. Our vision is to reach, teach and empower the cummunity. Embracing excellence in all we do, we resolve to be the provider of choice for people who have disabilities, families, and for our community.
Call: Susan Mays 813-598-4325
Eamil: maysconsultinggroupllc@gmail.com

Agency for persons with disabilities Nort East Region & district 4Care Options Support Services llc

Care Options Support Services provides services to individuals with developmental disabilities. We provide Residential Habilitation Services (Group Home) and Respite Care and many other services to persons with disabilities. With many years of experience, Care Options Support Services provides quality care, ensuring services that promote education, new experiences, and exposure. Call: Stephanie Cobb 904-504-5032Eamil:cobbo32@comcast.net

Agency for Persons With Disabilities area 7 Centeral Region

Royal Citizens lifts up the lives of homebound patients and individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. We improve the health and wellness of each client by rendering outstanding home care services that meet their health requirements, allowing them to feel like royalty in their own homes. We are here to help. Call: Sandra Anaba 407-720-9977
Email: royalcitizensinc@gmail.com

APD suncoast region area 23 Agency for Persons with Disabilities Service Member Care Facility

Our mission statement is that we take the time to care for our clients and provide them with efficient and quality care. Our goal is to always be courteous and respectful to our clients. We work hard to advance the dignity of individuals with developmental disabilities by enabling the individual to be as independent as possible.
Call: Sharon Carson 813-590-8727
Email: servicemember63@yahoo.com

Agency for persons with disabilities area 3 The Northeast RegionTrinity Community Living llc

At Trinity Community Living we understand your concerns, empathize with you and want to help you the same way that we have helped so many others. We invite you to feel the comfort and joy of becoming part of the Trinity Omniscient Care Family.We provide a home-like setting with a caring, professional staff.
Call: Gloria Mobley 850-212-3491
Email: gloriamobley.tcl13@yahoo.com

Agency for persons with disabilities area 3 The Northeast Region Peace of Mind Home Care of the PaLm Beaches llc Peace of Mind Home Care of the Palm Beaches llc

It is our mission to provide our clients with quality support services that cater to their unique needs and preferences. We are also committed to working with our clients, their families, and other care providers to promote their welfare and overall wellness. We envision to provide more people access to services that specialize in supporting individuals with developmental disabilities.
Call: Rosenora Valcin 561-502-0878
Email: rv@peaceofmindhcs.com

Agency for Persons with Disabilities area 23 The Suncoast Region. Daily Life Support Service llc

Daily Life Support Services will enhance and support individuals living qualities above their normal mental and physical expectations while promoting a person direct service delivery system; To stay involved in the community as well as providing the choice through activities and educating through daily life in the community while complying with all regulations, Core Assurances and the Handbook of Services Delivery
Call: Dian Love 813-771-7704 & 727-3054-4961
Email: dianelove@dailylifesupportservices.com

APD area 10 / Southeast RegionKinder Care Group Home Inc

About Kinder Care Group Home. The primary objective of Kinder Care Group Home is to provide individuals with developmental disabilities quality care and comprehensive service. We are committed to provide support and services that build on the individual’s strengths, interests, and needs therefore providing opportunities for growth. We will strive to enhance their ability to lead independent lives. Daile Wainwright 954-257-6526
Email: LorrelDaile@aol.com

APS area 11 Bon Ami Group Housing
Bon Ami Group Housing Inc.

Bon Ami Group Housing is dedicated to the delivery of Quality care to the community. Our mission is to deliver the highest quality healthcare services, utilizing our experience, expertise, professionalism and dedication to the highest standard of care. Working together as a team to take a leadership role in improving the health and quality of life of our community.
Call: Jeannette Castaneda 305-720-4742

APS area 11Evaluation Care ServicesEvolution Care Services LLC

We are committed to providing high-quality, client-centered, and affordable home care services to our patients to assist them in leading dignified and independent life in the comfort and safety of their own homes. Their individual needs are carefully assessed, understood, and met through the selective assignment of qualified, trustworthy, and compassionate personnel.
Call: Patricia Rodriguez 786-486-9692
Email: EvolutionCareservicesllc@gmail.com

APS area 11 Maybelle Group Home LLC

(open beds). I am caring lovely, compassionate ,loyal, kind, dedicated and dependable nurse and mother. I love to take care of persons with different abilities and health their different health challenges. with their ailments and diseases. I have been doing this for the pass 20years in the Tampa Bay Area. I love to serve my community for their welfare and wellness in health. Call: Sophie Lingondo 813-966-7399
Email: sophie.martinee@yahoo.com

agency for persons with disabilities area 23 The Suncoast RegionAgency For Persons With Disabilities Area 23 The Suncoast Region A Great Place To Stau Group Homes and Support Services
A Great Place To Stay
Group Homes and Support Serivces LLC

AGPTS Group Homes & Support Services consciously provides choices and lifestyles to persons with developmental and intellectual disabilities. As a recognized provider in the field of disabilities, AGPTS Group Homes & Support Services work hard to meet the changing needs of persons with disabilities. We work hard to serve you and your loved ones. We have new openings in our Hernando County location.
Call: Veronica Clark 352-221-8363
Email: agreatplacetostay2@gmail.com

APD area 12 The Northeast Region Family Tyme llc

The mission of Family Tyme llc is to have high ethical standards, principles and heart, we will commit ourselves to providing clients with the best in home health care possible. We believe that our clients deserve compassionate, honest, and reliable care from top health care professionals who go the extra mile to provide it. Call: 904-458-5050
Email: FamilyTymellc@gmail.com

APD suncoast region area 23 Agency for Persons with Disabilities Altruistic Loving Care Inc.

Altruistic Loving Care Inc has provided choices and lifestyles for persons with developmental and intellectual disabilities. As a recognized provider in the field of disabilities, Altruistic Loving Care Inc works hard to meet the changing needs of persons with disabilities. We offer individualized opportunities and support to maximize the quality of life for people with developmental disabilities.Lashanta Thomas (813) 318-2114
Email: altruistic85@gmail.com

APD suncoast region area 23 Agency for Persons with Disabilities Island Splender

Island Splendor ALF, Inc. is for adults who need help with everyday tasks which may consist of help with dressing, bathing, eating, or using the bathroom, but they don't need nursing care. Some assisted living facilities are part of retirement communities; however, we are situated in a residential community which promotes a home-like atmosphere.
Elsa Johnson (727) 204-6549
Email: ElsaJay1@cs.com

Agency for Persons with Disabilities District 10 The Southeast Region Broward County. Sweet Hearts Care llc

At Sweet Hearts Care llc we provide compassionate, quality care focusing on the unique needs of patients and their families. The care for each person is individualized, compassionate, and appropriate. We collaborate with patients, families, support coordinators, and other health team members to plan and provide care that will achieve an optimal level of health and wellness. Call Mary Orozco 786-222-0283
Email: Mary@sweetheartscare.com

APD suncoast region area 23 Agency for Persons with Disabilities Empathy Homes
Empathy Homes

Empathy Homes provides exceptional home care services by leading with empathy. We ​prioritize safety, well-being, comfort, and feelings…all while having fun! It is our mission to ​help enrich the lives of those we serve as they live independently and work towards their ​goals. Our founder, Sonja, was inspired to start Empathy Homes after working as a Special Needs ​Teacher for several years. Sonja Castel 305-878-0329
Email sonja@empathyhomes.org

Agency for persons with disabilities area 10 the Southeast region.Tacha Family Home Care
Tacha Family Home Care LLC

We are a state licensed agency and our mission is to help our clients safely and comfortably recover in their home from injury or surgery, avoid unnecessary re-hospitalization and manage long term services. We work with health insurance, private pay and long term services. We are also able to provide private service duty given our affiliations and contracts with multiple care giving hospitality facilities. We are here to help you.
Tacha Costume 954-589-5565
Email: tachafamilyhomecare@yahoo.com

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