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Respite Care provides temporary supportive care and supervision when the primary caregiver is unable to perform these duties.

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Requirements and Service Limitations

District 13 - Counties Include: Citrus, Hernando, Lake, Marion, Sumter MOVING MOUTAINS INC.

Moving Mountains Inc. is one of Citrus County's leading Med-Waiver service providers. We believe in helping to achieve the visions and goals of individuals with Developmental Disabilities. We have been providing high quality support since February 2003.
Call Director Sandy Dayton (352) 637-9001 or Email her at Movingmountains2@naturecoast.net

District 8 - Counties Include: Charlotte, Collier, Glades, Hendry, Lee APD area 23
Community Resource Network of Florida Inc.

Community Resource Network of Florida,Inc.  Is a Med-Waiver and Family Waiver Provider that strives to deliver an array of support services to our Consumers and families. We offer a variety of services and work diligently to coordinate them to meet our consumers’ and families’ particular needs. we strive to respond quickly to any and all calls from our clients and families.

Call: Cole Caruso 866-367-5961
email: Cole@crnflorida.com

District 12 - Counties Include:Flagler, Volusia OPEN ARMS ALF

Open Arms ALF's primary goal is to provide the support residents need to live full and satisfying lives. We are committed to providing home likeness, loving and caring environment with quality care. Open Arms was founded in 1983 & quickly became the acknowledged leader in the assisted living facility industry.
Call: Alex & Inna Kovelman 386-761-6268

District 23/Suncoast District - Counties Include: De Soto, Hillsborough, Manatee, Pasco, Pinellas, Sarasota National Home Health

National Home Health our priority is our clients; we offer a high quality service to make the difference; we work in accordance with their particular necessities and our service helps our clients to feel happy, comfortable and safe.
Call: Joaquin Verdecia (813) 205-5202

District 23/Suncoast District - Counties Include: De Soto, Hillsborough, Manatee, Pasco, Pinellas, Sarasota agency for persons with disabilities area 14 Royal Care

We have four (5) Licensed Standard & Behavior Focus homes and provide a variety of Supportive Residential & Community Based Services for adults in South Tampa, Brandon & Plant City. We currently serve males 18 + and adult females on a case by case basis. We are Dedicated to providing Quality Supportive Services in comforatble homes. Call our main office at 813-623-6333

District 23/Suncoast District - Counties Include: De Soto, Hillsborough, Manatee, Pasco, Pinellas, Sarasota Friends & Families Support Center, Inc.

Friends and Families Support Center is dedicated in striving to provide clients the opportunity for a meaningful life through various support needed to improve quality of life. We hope to accomplish this by exposing them to various experiences and education that would enable them to achieve individual goals. We achieve our mission by delivering quality care and services at all times.
Call: Sean MacVicar 727 545 9333

District 23/Suncoast District - Counties Include: De Soto, Hillsborough, Manatee, Pasco, Pinellas, Sarasota Island Splendor ALF, Inc.

Island Splendor ALF, Inc. is proud to be in the forefront of special care needs and the elder care field. Aging is a process that could present many difficult challenges. When you or a loved one requires assisted living services, let us ease your frustration by providing you with accurate information and quality services.
Call: Elsa Johnson 727-585-9788

apd suncoast area 23 Assisted Living of Florida Limited, Inc

The primary charitable goal of ALFL is to support individuals with developmental disabilities by providing them with a residential, family-like setting to live in and strive to achieve their individual goals for the future. ALFL does this as an alternative to the costly and often ineffective institutional settings to which these individuals are often relegated.
Call Semira Hofmann 727-504-1290

apd area 23 suncoast Ridgeland Group Home, Inc.

Ridgeland Group Home and it's staff are dedicated people striving to provide clients the opportunity for a meaningful life through various supports needed to improve there quality of life. We hope to accomplish this by exposing them to various experiences and, education that would enable them to achieve individual goals.
Call: Carol Josephs RN. (813) 810-6257

APD area 3APD area 7 Alternative Care, Inc.

The mission of Alternative Care Inc. is to meet the long-term healthcare and related service needs of people who have disabilities within an environment that fosters self-determination. To accomplish this basic purpose, Alternative Care Inc. develops innovative service models, which effectively address the health, psychosocial, recreational, vocational and spiritual needs of the individuals served. Bernard Mithell, Director
Nathaniel Williams, Assistant Director
Office Phone Number: (352) 316-3014

The Agency for Persons with Disabilities - Suncoast Region area 23 Reaching Out Group Inc.

We are changing the way you look at home care today. We are a licensed home health care agency. We provide home care services to all persons with disabilities. We will work with your support coordinator and assist the coordinator to develop an individualized care plan to suit your needs. Call: James Hyppolite 813-380-9496

APD area 23 Sisters Helping Hands, Inc.

Sisters Helping Hands Inc. is dedicated to providing safe, quality services and to assist individuals with development disabilities with finding their place in society. With the help of natural supports, our staff, and the individual’s families, we will teach the individual to lead productive everyday lives.
Call: Pamela Presnell & Shirley Butler - Wagner
813-685-6752 or Email: shhinc@verizon.net

APD area 7APD area 8 Home At Last Of Brevard

Our mission is to provide you with exceptional care, customized to meet your specific needs. We hire only the most competent, highly experienced and trustworthy individuals. Our Caregivers go beyond what you might expect, in order to provide persons with disabilities and their families with peace of mind that they are receiving the best possible care.
Call: Alvin Payne 321-508-4639
Email: BigDaddy45Payne@yahoo.com

The Agency for Persons with Disabilities - Southeast Region area 10America's Quality Care Services

Americas Quality Care Services will only give you the finest level of care. We do this by employing health care professionals with competence, experience and passion. When assigned to your home, we keep our priorities focused on you, your health and your wellness. However, we don't stop there. We seriously take into consideration the feedback that we get from family members.Call: Sharon Miller (954) 456-4203

Agency for persons with disabilities Southern Region area 11 Homemaker Companion & Sitters

Homemaker Companion & Sitters was founded in 2010 with a  shared a vision of creating a compassionate care service that would treat people with respect, dignity, and first-rate care. Since its inception, Homemaker Companion & Sitters has grown a staff of over twenty CNA'c and HHA's and health providers.
We are providing services to APD waiver clients.
Call: Joe Welch (305) 378-0888 Email:Joewelch@homemakersitters.com

APD Thae Agency For Persons With Disabilities Area 3 Divine Health

We are dedicated to providing the highest quality of patient/client care with compassion and respect for each person. We recognize the unique physical, emotional and spiritual needs of each person. We provide a full range of care and services including: Personal Supports; Respite; and Companion. Natasha Williams 352-481-5035
Email: Divinehealth1@ymail.com

The Agency for Persons with Disabilities suncoast region area 23 Caring Friends and Companions Group Home, Inc.

Caring Friends and Companion Group Home, Inc. Our mission is 'Serving people with a purpose' while creating inclusion for the consumer while teaching new skills. Assisting families and providing exceptional services to persons with disabilities. Our purpose is that we consistently maintain the highest quality of service for the consumer. Call: Valeria Strickland 727-470-5628 or Maralyn Harriott 1-305-804-2678
Email: Caringfriends.14@gmail.com

Rawlins Med-Waiver Provider Agency,Inc

Our mission Is to provide clients and their loved ones peace of mind and superior services, by creating a nurturing relationship with our gentle and knowledgeable staff. We service Polk, Hardee and Highland counties in central Florida, We want you and your loved ones to feel safe and happy. Knowing how to care for your needs is so important. Our emphasis is on providing you with your right to the best quality care possible.
Call: Duane Rawlins 352-871-4613
Email: duanerawlins34@yahoo.com

Agency for persons with disabilitiesAgency for persons with disabilitiesAgency for persons with disabilitioesA Grate Place To Stay Group Home

Our Mission and Values: A grate Place To Stay Group Home has provided choices and lifestyles for persons with developmental and intellectual disabilities. As a recognized provider in the field of disabilities, A Grate Place To Stay Group Homeworks hard to meet the changing needs of persons with disabilities. We offer individualized opportunities and support to maximize the quality of life for people with developmental disabilities. Call: Veronica Clark 407-459-3820

The Agency for persons with disabilities suncoast reagion area 23 David E Marshall Enterprises

David E Marshall Enterprises, Inc. is very capable of giving your loved ones the quality care they deserve. We understand that family is the most important thing to all of us. We know the difficulties of entrusting your family member(s) to someone else. Our Home Health Aides are patient and caring. Call: David Marshall 813-416-6237
Email: marshalgrouphome@gmail.com

Toria's Support Care Services Inc

Toria's Support Care Services, Inc. is commited to establishing a healthy and independent environment to those receiving our services. Our goal is to provide superior care while allowing our clients to maintain independence and dignity in a supportive community. We dedicate ourselves to the relentless pursuit of excellence and uncompromising quality.
Call: Victoria Rowe 813-361-9328
Email: Victoria@toriasupportcare.org

APD area 4United Homemaker
& compaion Services inc.

We understand the value of our services and the impact it can make to the families we care for. This is why we make it a point to maintain the standards of quality nonmedical home based care. We have been providing the necessary support any individual needs, from quality our support and assistance. Call: Nacha Beldor 904-444-8367

Agency for person with disabilities - central region area 13La Madone Registry Inc.

La Madone Registry Inc. is dedicated to the delivery of Quality care to the community. Our mission is to deliver the highest quality healthcare services, utilizing our experience, expertise, professionalism and dedication to the highest standard of care. Working together as a team to take a leadership role in improving the health and quality of life of our community.,
Call: Nacha Beldor 407-585-2040
Email: LamadoneRegistry2@hotmail.com

The Agency For Persons With Disabilities area 10 April Group Home

The mission of April Group Home is to provide a safe and secure environment for the people we serve.  We also encourage them to make choices and teach them long term and short term goals and provide a stable environment to help with the transition from a family setting to an independent setting. We are here to help you.
Call Rene Gomez (305) 783-6800
Email: AprilGroupHome@aol.com

Agency for persons with disabilities APD area 8 Naples Home Care Services of SW Florida & Paradise Group Home

We know it is so important to work side by side with your Waiver Support Coordinator and your family to make sure all of your needs are meet. We are providing residential care services to consumers with mental and developmental disabilities in a family like setting to meet the physical, mental and developmental needs.
Call Yuneisi Armario 239-298-0875
Email: napleshomecare@hotmail.com

Agency for persons with disabilities. Area 14 Centeral Region Shanika Jones

Our mission is 'Serving people with a purpose' while creating inclusion for the consumer while teaching new skills. Assisting families and providing exceptional services to persons with disabilities. Our purpose is that we consistently maintain the highest quality of service for the consumer.Call: Shanika Jones 863-236-8515
Email: Jones.Shanika@ymail.com

APD area 10Creative Solutions Companion Care Service

Creative Solutions Companion Care Service is a 100% Veteran-Owned, business with over 20 years of experience in the healthcare setting. Our goal is to deliver professional, ethical, compassionate and quality care to all of our clients. All of our caregivers are certified and medically trained to ensure that we meet our high standards of care.
Call: Anthony Bradford 561-313-3453
Email: creativesolutionsccs.com

The Agency for Persons with Disabibities area 7 centeral regionRhylans Ark Support Services inc.

Our mission is to provide highly qualified personnel to cater to diverse care and support needs for you and your loved ones. Rhylan’s services include behavioral assistance programs, home health aides, certified nursing assistants, companionship, supported employment, living, day to day, non-medical, transportation and respite care services. Amber Eady 321-438-8041
Email: Customerservice@rhylans-arkhelp.com

The Agency for Persons with Disabilities, Suncoast region, area 23Freedom Expansion
Reliable, Quality Home Health Services

Freedom Expansion Home Healthcare is a licensed and bonded home health care agency that provides medical and therapeutic treatments to patients in their home. Our goal is to provide dependable, high- quality, multidisciplinary services that will help our clients reach the greatest level of potential in their day-to-day self-care activities. David Mckicrick (727) 286-3176
Email: admin@fehhs.com

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