Therapies- Occupational, Physical, and Speech

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Physical Therapy is prescribed by a physician to improve ambulation, muscle control, and prevent/ reduce further disability. Requirements and Service Limitations


Occupational Therapy is prescribed by a physician to improve self-help, adaptive, and other skill areas.
Requirements and Service Limitations

Respiratory Therapy is prescribed by a physician to improve respiratory function. Requirements and Service Limitations

Speech Therapy is prescribed by a physician to improve communication skills. Requirements and Service Limitations

Physical, Occupational & Speech Therapy

At Trinity Rehab our purpose has been to put our professional training and our faith into action, serving and advocating for the special needs population. We strive to provide highly skilled, person-centered, and compassionate care that addresses every single patient and caregiver in a way that honors our firm belief that everyone is created in God’s image. This made us stand out in the community, and through keeping our inspiration in mind, we have earned a solid reputation of exemplary professionalism.

See our website for more informationTrinityrehabtherapy.com

786-642-6835 Miami Office
813-405-6279 Tampa Office

Serving Miami Dade & Tampa Bay Areas
Med Waiver, CDC Plus & Medicare

Medicaid Waiver #686282996
Serving special needs community since 2002

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