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Question: How Do I Become A Provider?

Answer: When you are ready to become a provider, Call at
727-841-8943. We can provide you with ALL of the information and documents you need to make this happen. We can provide you with the tools to start your own company or work for an agency.

Be sure to check back often; new waiver providers are added frequently.

There are also many resources for customers, families, waiver providers, and support coordinators at WaiverProvider.Com. Take a few minutes to click on the different links. Come back often, we update our site every week. We are always adding new resources and current information. Remember that while we are working to get providers listed- letting them know about our services and building them websites- we do offer a free service to support coordinators. We will call providers for you. However, due to HIPPA rules, we can only call for support coordinators.

Waiver Providers, you can add your listing even if you don't have a website. We provide a free one page "web flyer" and free hosting, with your membership.



The Delmarva Foundation

The Qlarant videos will provide an overview of
The Agency for Persons with Disabilities CDC+ Program.
The purpose of this training is to help Support Coordinators, providers, representatives, families and florida's caregivers
to better understand the program. works hard to provide information to the people of Florida. We know it is sometimes hard to get information and to have your voice heard. We hope that our website allows you to get the information and help you are looking for. We have many websites to help people with disabilities. Take the time to look at them all. - - -


For help, more information or to have your company
listed on one of our websites call 727-841-8943
You can also write to us at


On the left side of this page you will find links to the
23 different Handout sheets that go along with the videos.
This is in a PDF format so you can print them out for your
records and also be able to share them with others.

Qlarant on APD's CDC+ program

Part One

Qlarant on APD's CDC+ program

Part Two

Qlarant on APD's CDC+ program

Part Three

Qlarant on APD's CDC+ program

Part Four


Qlarant on APD's CDC+ program

Part Five



Qlarant on APD's CDC+ program

Part Six



Qlarant on APD's CDC+ program

Part Seven


Qlarant on APD's CDC+ program

Part Eight