Billing Agents

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These billing agents specialize in Medicaid and Medicaid Waiver Billing.

Some also assist in other ways, such as keeping track of how many hours you have left on each service authorization and checking each month for Medicaid Eligibility.

Check back often, as we frequently get new listings.

Expert Billing & More, Inc

Expert Billing & More, Inc. is the considered the #1 billing agent in Florida for the HCBS Medwaiver Programs. We provide billing services to over 450 Medwaiver providers throughout the state. Our services are top notch and have been designed to meet the specific needs of HCBS providers. Our services include electronic claim processing, claim resolution, service balance reports, eligibility verification and technical assistance. Check out website to learn more about our services or contact us directly.

Prices so reasonable you can’t afford not to call (386) 257-4349
Email: ExpertBilling@xpertbil.com

For more information call or visit our website xpertbil.com

Ultimate Choice Medical Billing

Medicaid Waiver billing company
for the State of Florida!

"You will find our fees are a lower
than the average rate to help us all not only survive the budget cuts and recession but to thrive in spite of it! "

Make sure your billing is done right
and you are paid for ALL that you work for.
Don't just hope it is done right know it is...

Call: Laurel white (772) 335 - 3603

Email: UltimateChoiceBilling@yahoo.com

Therap Services

Therap Services is a HIPAA compliant, web-based, electronic medical record, documentation, reporting, EVV, communication and billing system for service providers supporting individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities.  Therap supports over 7,000 organizations in 50 States and abroad.

More than 120 Florida Medicaid Waiver providers use Therap to support over 24,000 individuals on the waiver.

Therap documents all APD Medicaid Waiver handbook requirements as well as ICF and other funded services including: Admission/Assessment, Case/Progress/Nursing Notes, APD Incident Reporting and Trending, Individual Support & Implementation Plans, Goal Data collection, Monthly/Quarterly Reporting, Behavior Tracking, Health Care & Appointment Tracking, MARs, Staff Training Tracking, Staff Scheduling/EVV, Mobile App, Billing, Business Intelligence dashboards and more.  

Therap is excited to offer an automated interface to iConnect so that providers can continue to manage their client data, business and operations all in one system.

Call for a free Demo Heather Daily
470-604-7003 Email: Heather@theraps.dailyervices.net


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