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Need a computer program to make your job easier? These programs were designed with the Waiver Provider in mind.


Work Smarter, Not Harder!



QkNotes For Providers & WSC's


Get the help you need with all of your case notes

QkNotes™ was designed by Florida Medicaid Waiver Providers for Medicaid Waiver Providers.

It takes about two minutes to write a detailed, billable note with QkNotes™.* QkNotes are quick, but QkNotes™ are not template notes. Every note is different, every time.

QkNotes™ ("Quick Notes")was designed to meet the unique needs of Medicaid Waiver Providers. See Testimonials

QkNotes™ ("Quick Notes") is Note Writing Software that assists Medicaid Waiver providers with documentation. The QkNotes™Program automates the entire process of producing a billable, person centered, and detailed progress note. Your generated notes will be well formatted and all content is written in complete sentences. QkNotes are quick notes.

QkNotes™ ("Quick Notes") runs completely on your own computer; there is no need to have internet or log onto a 3rd party website. This makes it 100 percent HIPAA Compliant.

QkNotes™ ("Quick Notes") prompts you to generate complete documentation. The program does not allow you to generate the note until you complete all the Medicaid required components of the note, ensuring a billable note every time.

Billable notes are created when you put the correct information in the boxes. The program will not create a note unless every billable section is completed.

QkNotes™ for FL Waiver Support Coordinators was designed and programmed by a Florida Support Coordinator who has over ten years of support coordination experience. A demo version was then distributed to over 1,000 Florida support coordinators who received a two year trial period.

Support coordinators wrote to us and called with suggestions for future updates. We were sent sample case notes and forms used by support coordinators across the state. With these resources, many new features were added, including new Ibudget requirements.

QkNotes™ for Florida Waiver Providers was designed by Florida Medicaid Waiver Providers for Medicaid Waiver Providers. The goal was to create a system that does exactly what the provider needs - write billable notes- and does it in the simplest way.

It's Quick to Click! You've never seen anything as quick and easy as QkNotes. You will wonder how you wrote your notes without it.

Increase revenue. You will have more time to serve more clients. Reduce your level of stress. Your notes will be right every time. Make more time for yourself and your family. QkNotes™ Spend time on what really matters – helping people.

QkNotes™ is everything YOU wished it would be.

Fast & Easy to use

• Designed for Waiver Providers & WSC's.

• HIPPA compliant

• Internet is not required to use the program.

  • Runs on desktop

  • Affordable for even the smallest provider company.

  •Learn to use the program In minutes.

  • Person centered



QkNotes For Providers & WSC's

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Therap Services

Therap Services is a HIPAA compliant, web-based, electronic medical record, documentation, reporting, EVV, communication and billing system for service providers supporting individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities.  Therap supports over 7,000 organizations in 50 States and abroad.

More than 120 Florida Medicaid Waiver providers use Therap to support over 24,000 individuals on the waiver.

Therap documents all APD Medicaid Waiver handbook requirements as well as ICF and other funded services including: Admission/Assessment, Case/Progress/Nursing Notes, APD Incident Reporting and Trending, Individual Support & Implementation Plans, Goal Data collection, Monthly/Quarterly Reporting, Behavior Tracking, Health Care & Appointment Tracking, MARs, Staff Training Tracking, Staff Scheduling/EVV, Mobile App, Billing, Business Intelligence dashboards and more.  

Therap is excited to offer an automated interface to iConnect so that providers can continue to manage their client data, business and operations all in one system.
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470-604-7003 Email: Heather@theraps.dailyervices.net
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