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Presented to you by Clear Choice Web Solutions, Inc. We make every effort to provide you with current updated and detailed information.


We provide information about providers, Support Coordinators, APD, AHCA, Delmarva and many other groups and agency's that affect people with disabilities and the people that help them.   WaiverProvider.Com was created to give people "Real Choice" when selecting providers and to help with information.  People often choose providers from a list, and have little or no information about providers before making their selection.

We work hard to bring you the latest news and informant ion on issues that matter to us all. We advocate to help the Future of people that are Developmentally Disabled. We want to strengthen the voice of individuals that are Developmentally Disabled to make sure they are heard loud and clear

Our goal is to make sure Support Coordinators, Providers, People that are Developmentally Disabled and the government all work hand in hand to make the right decisions to help us all.

Clear Choice Web Solutions is not monitored by The Agency For Persons With Disabilities.  The information provided on these pages is submitted by Support Coordinators, waiver providers, State agency's, Family's and
Clear Choice Web Solutions. Inc..  

This website gives some basic information about providers.  WaiverProvider.Com does not recommend one provider over another. 

We encourage you to use other resources as well when selecting providers.

WaiverProvider.Com also provides information to providers. We strive to keep this information as accurate and current as possible. Due to frequent changes in the APD programs, please check with them if you are uncertain.

Other Provider Resources

Other Resources For Finding A Provider Include:

APD's Provider List, Your Support Coordinator, advocacy groups, and recommendations from other people who use Medicaid Waiver Services



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