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Part One-
  • Introduction By Aaron Nangle
  • About Holly Benson:
    Holly is currently the Secretary of State for Florida Agency for Health Care Administration (ACHA). Prior to that, Holly served as a state representive.
  • "Cover Florida"
    There are 3.6 million uninsured Floridians. Cover Florida gives these people the chance to get healthcare.
    Holly recommends you go to their website CoverFloridaHealthcare.com to learn more.
    Preventive plans average around $55 per month, Catastrophic plans around $155 per month.
  • Aaron and Holly discuss the possible merging of ACHA and Department of Health.
  • FloridaHealthFinder.gov is one of their "Best Kept Secrets"
    The website has information about healthcare plans around the state.
  • The New Billing System- EDS
    Holly gives her opinions and thoughts on how it is working out.
  • Billing Glitches
    Holly says you can call EDS at 1-800-289-7789 if you are having problems with billing. Aaron gives some examples of problems that providers around the state have had with billing.
  • Ahca.myflorida.com
Part Two-

  • Email Holly Benson
  • Aaron asks Holly, "Can providers get a number faster?" Aaron explains that some providers have been waiting over 6 months to get an FSL (tier 4) number.
  • Wheelchairs!
    Why is it so hard to get one?
    Aaron discusses with Holly the numerous problems people are having with getting & maintaining their wheelchairs.
    Holly says that fraud is one reason that the rules are so complex. Holly states that, "The bad guys have made it extra hard for the good guys to get the equipment they need.
    Holly states that if your wheelchair is stolen or damaged, "get a police report."
  • Holly wants your suggestions so that ACHA can provide more training to their call center agents and put more information on their website.
  • Holly talks about ACHA's Efforts to fight medicaid fraud. Many people state that 10 percent of all medicaid claims are fraudulent.
  • The "Payer of Last Resort".
    Aaron asks Holly, "Who really is the payer of last resort?
    Holly states that payment goes in the following order: Private Insurance, Medicare, Other Medicaid Partners, Waiver, and (last) ACHA.
Part 3
  • Aaron discusses the ridiculously low "Personal Needs Allowance" Payments given to people who live in group homes and assisted living facilities.
  • Holly states that the legislator decides the amount for those payments.
  • Holly gives information about how Medicaid might be able to help people on the waiting list.
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