Jim DeBeaugrine Live Interview

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Aaron Nangle from WaiverProvider.Com & SupportCoordinators.Com Interviews Jim DeBeaugrine, the interim director of The Agency For Persons With Disabilities.

Jim is NOT Just a Numbers Guy- Communication and Accountability Are His Priorities

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Part One
  • What Jim has been focusing on
  • Jim's background
  • Jim's thoughts on CDC+
  • Are Support Coordinators safe now?
  • Will Support Coordinators get ABC back?
Part Two
  • How can families get involved?
  • What are stakeholder meetings and who attends?
  • Can you please explain the tiers?
Part Three
  • Whose idea was the tiers?
  • What is going on with the advocacy center lawsuit regarding the tiers?
  • What happened to Maximus?
  • The Wait List
  • Will cutting providers pay result in getting the least capable people?
Part Four
  • Paperwork is a major complaint. Can we reduce it?
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