Become a Provider Or Support Coordinator
Would you like to become a provider of services for The Agency For Persons With Disabilities? If you would like to start your own provider or support coordination business, call us at
(727) 841-8943 or fill out the order form below. We can get you started and on your way. The Agency For Persons With Disabilities serves over 30,000 persons with developmental disabilities throughout Florida. Being a provider is a rewarding career. All providers must have a clean background, be at least 18 years old, and have a high school diploma or equivalent.

Get Started-

Provider / Support Coordinator

Enrollment Information Packet

Includes all the information you need to start the process of becoming a provider or support coordinator. Provides information on how to become an independent provider or start your own agency. Includes:

  • The Medicaid Waiver Application
  • The Medicaid Waiver Handbook CD
  • The Medicaid Handbook CD
  • Contact information for your local area: provider enrollment, trainers, billing, livescan, etc.
  • A three part slideshow with detailed information about being a provider. Includes information on: the enrollment process, medicaid waiver services, and starting a small business. PDF and much more.

Provider / Support Coordinator
Enrollement Information Packet

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